Rice Straws

Eco drinking rice straws are made from 100% natural, compostable and affordable materials (mainly rice and other grains) completely environmentally friendly, which means that you can not only enjoy drinking but also eat your straws without worrying about health effects. Thanks to biodegradable ingredient, rice straws take very short time to dissolve completely, which make them much friendlier to ecology than plastic straws requiring many centuries to be decomposed.


Our rice straws come in all sizes as regular plastic straws, their main ingredients are rice and other cereal powders that help the tube to have better toughness and elasticity and the tube surface is not grainy as well. Our edible straw last many hours without any distortion both in cold or hot water. We also committed that our products do not affect the taste of drinks which makes them perfectly suitable for cafes and restaurants.


Vietnam has continuously been in the top three largest rice exporters in the world for many years. This creates a huge advantage of abundant input and low cost. In addition, many other geographical and social factors lead to low production costs of rice straws, making them competitive enough to completely replace traditional plastic straws.


We offer our rice straws in assortment of colors made of food grade ink, non-toxic and odourless will not harm to your health.


The regular paper straw now can also comes individually wrapped and help avoid the spread of germs while providing customers with a hygienic way to enjoy their drinks. We can customize them with your branding or logo printed on wrapping paper.


Available in three sizes
  • Size 6 x197mm for coffee, cocktails and soft drinks
  • Size 8 x197mm for smoothies and crushed ice drinks
  • Size 12x 197mm for bubble tea

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